Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Comments Policy

I welcome comments at Ten Thousand Places. I dislike intensely the 'echo chamber' phenomenon, and believe firmly that free and frank discussion among people who disagree with one another is a vital part of the movement towards building community and communion in our world.
I insist on commenters being courteous, and will delete abusive comments. 'Abusive' in this case generally means foul language, but extends as well to threatening violent language.
Now, while my heart's desire is that I am able to respond to all commenters, especially when they disagree with me or ask me specific questions, the truth is I may not always have time to do so. I have a very busy life as a Madonna House priest, and have found that in general I have time to write and post to the blog most days, and that's about it. Please feel free to discuss questions among yourselves, though! Keep it clean and polite, and have at it.
(To regular readers, I am writing this as a blog post so I put a permanent link to it in the sidebar).

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