Sunday, July 14, 2013

Loud and Energetic

Well, it’s that time of the year again. I’m off to Cana Colony, our Madonna House family apostolate, for a week of ministry with a little bit of fun in the sun thrown in. I’m especially looking forward to this week because virtually all the families are young, with lots of little kids. High energy, and high volume – just the way I like it.

I have decided this year to have the blog continue while I am away, and to that end have six posts ready to go, Monday-Saturday, carrying on Catherine’s truly remarkable reflections on the Church and her relationship to it. This next bunch of posts are especially fascinating, as she outlines her own personal and apostolic response to the needs and failures of the Church in her day—a good lesson for all of us as we confront and wrestle with our flawed Church today.

For those who get to this blog by Facebook and Twitter, I will not be able to provide those links. I do those links manually, and I am actually away from my electronics this week entirely. My absence from FB and Twitter feeds does not mean a lack of blogging, so remember to come on over and see what I’m doing.

Now, just to be clear: I welcome comments on this blog. Comments I agree with, and ones I disagree with (hi, S.M.!). Let’s talk, seriously. But this week I am not here to receive and respond to comments, which I think is important, so I will turn comments off, just for the week. I would hate for you to come and be a guest in my house when I am not here to receive you. Comments will be back on as normal on Saturday.

Pray for me and for the families, and know I pray for all my readers daily.

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