Thursday, March 5, 2015

Madonna House Movie VIII: What's the Program?

Well, here we are again, with the Thursday movie, number eight in a series of twelve. This one I post with a certain amount of embarrassment, I have to say. I am, basically, the narrator of this video, on the subject of how MH evangelizes.

Let's just say the Morgan Freeman will sleep well in his bed tonight. I am not threatening his position as the 'narrator in chief' of the movie industry. There is nothing quite so good for the humility as seeing and hearing yourself like that.

That being said, and speaking from a position of sheer dispassionate objectivity, this one does a pretty good job highlighting the various ways MH tries to spread the Gospel, both through media of various types, but more importantly through the one-to-one personal contacts and friendships we form in Combermere and in virtually all our mission houses. So, without further commentary (since I say everything I would want to say in the video itself), here it is:

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  1. that was awesome, Father. And, yes, your voice is perfectly suited to it. I look forward to seeing the other ones.


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