Friday, March 13, 2015

Madonna House Movie IX: What You See Is Not Necessarily What It Is

Well, here we are on Thursday, and once again it is time for the MH movie of the week. This one is about our various mission houses, and I must say it is quite a gem of a short film, really giving a pretty good picture of the various works and the spirit of those works that is done, at least as much as a short film can do. Here it is:

It is kind of funny that this is the film we have reached this week on the blog, since I'm actually in one of our MH houses right now--MH Vancouver--to offer a series of missions, retreats, days of recollection to various groups over the next two weeks. I was feasting my eyes this morning on the colour green, which I have not seen for quite a few months. Vancouver is in full spring mode.

The title of this blog post is taken out of context from the film, where it refers to a very difficult situation confronting one of our houses. But it is true that our MH life, so normal, so ordinary, so seemingly unimportant to appearances, is not necessarily what it is. So much goes on in MH, just sitting around a table with people drinking a cup of tea, sharing ordinary conversation and chit chat.

There are heights and depths that happen around those tables, around those cups of tea. Love, life, hope, joy, peace--all of this flows through our days and flows to those we serve. And this little film gives a 'not bad' picture of what that looks like in our different missions. Enjoy!

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