Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Blogaversary!

Well, I done did it. I have now been blogging for precisely one year, having begun this blog on the Solemnity of Peter and Paul, June 29, 2011.
345 posts and over 30000 readers later, I am, God and my superiors having the final say on this and all matters, only just beginning.
Thank you to all you good people who have been reading me all these months, those of you I know and those I don't, those who leave comments and the vast majority who don't (who are all you people, anyhow???).
I will carry on my regular Benedict blogging tomorrow morning as usual, and look forward to continuing to live and reflect with our German Shepherd and with the Good Shepherd who loves us all through it all.
One year down, and keeping going with no visible end in sight.


  1. You will meet this anon next week! Will they allow you to have a computer? Hmmmm!

    1. In a word... no. See you (whoever you are...) tomorrow!

  2. Oh, and happy anniversary! What an impressive achievement!


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