Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Coffee With God

Someone pointed out to me that Kathryn Lopez is blogging about Catherine Doherty today. Lo and behold, not only is she doing so, but on the very subject of my Benedict post this morning.
Quoting Catherine:
Maybe for you it’s different, but for so many people, God seems very distant. But he’s really right there, with you. I always invite him for a cup of coffee. Do you know that God never drank a cup of coffee while he lived on earth? They had no coffee.
Mentally, I invite him for coffee. I take the Bible and put it between us, saying: “Lord, you sit there and I’ll sit here. Here’s your cup of coffee, and here’s mine. Now we’re going to have a dialogue from your own book called the Gospel. So now I’ll be the apostles and you be yourself.”
Read the whole thing - it's worth it! 

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