Thursday, February 12, 2015

Madonna House Movie V - Our Lady's House

It is Thursday, and time for the next instalment in the MH film festival. This one needs little words to introduce it. Madonna House is just that, Our Lady's house, and her presence here is the silent, hidden life that shapes and nurtures everything we are and do here.
Please note that not only do I have a cameo in this video, but so does my flyaway, floppy hair. I'm also not really that short--I look like a hobbit next to Scott there. I happen to be standing right where the ground falls away. At any rate, here is this lovely video on the Woman who is behind it all:

Noteable Quotes:
"People sometimes come to the statue and begin to weep and not know why. Why are they weeping? Because there’s something very deep, beyond the rational beyond the visible that’s happening. Loved – I think they feel loved."
"She’s our example, par excellence. She’s our model, because her yes had incredible profound world-changing ramifications. Christ, God Himself, became man within her womb, just because she said yes. If you look at her life, she didn’t do extraordinary works, but that changed everything."
"O Mary, you desire so much to see Jesus loved. Since you love me, this is the favour which I ask of you: to obtain for me a great personal love of Jesus Christ. You obtain from your Son whatever you please; pray then for me, that I may never lose the grace of God, that I may increase in holiness and perfection from day to day, and that I may faithfully and nobly fulfil the great calling in life which your Divine Son has given me. By that grief which you suffered on Calvary when you beheld Jesus die on the Cross, obtain for me a happy death, that by loving Jesus and you, my mother, on earth, I may share your joy in loving and blessing the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit forever in Heaven. Amen."

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  1. I am so grateful to have been given even a short time to be with Our Lady under this title and to see the work that Catherine began. A lifelong prayer answered.


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