Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bloggy Advent Calendar

I am going to start a project for the Advent season on this blog. I realize that for many people the struggle to have Advent be Advent and celebrate Christmas at Christmas is a difficult one. The secular calendar is so utterly disjointed from the religious one at this point: Christmas starts now and ends on December 25, more or less.

So, I am going to provide solid Advent content for the next three weeks and three days. I will reflect on the readings of the day, share excerpts from the Office of Readings, from Catherine Doherty's book Donkey Bells, and we'll see what else the Lord inspires me to do.

At Madonna House, living apart as we do here in Combermere in what is genuinely a culture unto itself, we are able to really 'do' Advent in a way that is hard out in the world. I am happy to share something of our Advent spirit, to help us all enter more deeply into the longing and expectation of Christ. Hope to see you all here.

Updated to add: Hey, commenter Craig made a good suggestion for what he would like to see for this Advent blog project. If you have something you'd like to see, leave a comment, and I'll try to oblige.


  1. This is wonderful. Have been wondering about appropriate prayers and readings to use each night when the candles are lit. Hopefully that will be included in the content. Also beginning to re-read Fr. Peltons book "Circling the Sun" at the same time. The timing seems appropriate.

    1. Good idea, Craig (and hey! long time, no see!). I'll see what I can do. We do have lots of such stuff at MH...

  2. This is a great initiative....I hope you will link up through I will be opening the link up blitz tomorrow for December. Monica at


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