Friday, June 14, 2013

Speaker for Hire - Real Cheap, Real Good

Wanna have me come to your parish, your group, your school, your club's treehouse? I am available! I am willing! I am really, really cheap!
Seriously, I am indeed always looking for new opportunities to spread the Good News, share our wonderful faith with any old group of people who don't have the sense to run when they see me coming, and generally talk into any live microphone shoved in my face.
I am especially available for any locations in Eastern and Central Ontario - Ottawa, Peterborough, Pembroke, Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener, etc, etc. (You get the general idea). I will entertain all reasonable offers for more distant locations, too.
Fee: Madonna House lives by begging, so I do not charge a speaker's fee for engagements. I ask for travel expenses to be covered, and for overnight trips, any lodging and food to be provided. I also ask for the right to set up a small book table at the venue to sell my various products (see the blog right sidebar for details).
So... looking for that speaker with that special something and winning smile? Well, he's not available (and let's be honest - you can't afford him anyhow). Try me, instead! My e-mail is
(Note to my faithful readers - I'm putting this up as a blog post so I can put a permanent link to it on the side).

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