Saturday, February 23, 2013

Things I Am Not Blogging About

OK - so the Internet is all abuzz with salacious gossip about Vatican scandals. Several people have asked me what I think.
I don't think anything, because I don't know anything. The entire article, as I understand, is rumours, gossip and unsubstantiated tittle tattle.
I don't blog about that stuff.
We all have one duty right now, as far as the Vatican, the papacy, and the conclave are concerned. And that is to pray, to fast, and to keep our eyes on Jesus. It is his Church, and his power alone that holds the Church in being and in life.
Gossip, rumours, and salacious scandal do not help us, I think to do anything of our duty of the moment in this matter. So I will not blog or comment further on it. God bless us all, and keep His Church in peace and integrity

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