Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adventures in Social Media

Well, with the permission of my lawful ecclesiastical superior, I've decided to try out Twitter. It is, definitely, an experiment. If it turns out to be pointless or time-consuming I will drop it - the blog is getting good traffic as it is.

The Madonna House community is slowly learning about social media and feeling out its apostolic possibilities. I am one of our digital pioneers, tracking the e-regon Trail in my covered cyber-wagon, herding my stray thoughts along down the trail (get along, little dogies! Yah!).

Anyhow, my Twitter name is Fr.Denis Lemieux, if you want to 'follow' me. Now, I know nothing - nothing whatsover - about Twitter (hence the experiment). If anyone reading this knows anything that might help me, and wants to give this poor techno-Luddite a helping hand, feel free to comment below.


  1. Well being on Twitter almost 5 years myself here are some tips.

    1. Don't use twitter just as a semi-RSS Feed for your blog. In other words don't just post links to new blog entries. Posting links to your blog are fine, just don't make it the only thing.

    2. Link to what you find of interest.

    3. 140 Characters might seem to limiting, and it can be harder to crafter a tweet than a blog post. Though in some ways this is a good intellectual exercise in saying something succinctly.

    4. You can also have fun with it if you are so disposed.

    5. Retweet (RT) what you find on twitter from others you like

    6. One aspect of social media is that the rules are still being written, just let your own voice come though.

    1. thanks very much - I'll take all the above to heart.

  2. Jeff's comments are good. Re #4, the convention for retweeting is to start your entry with RT then put the person's own name in. e.g. RT @X ***** (what X's entry is).
    Funny you should be doing that, I have just started Twitter myself – useful for my job in communications (I'm told), but not sure yet.... I'll follow you.

  3. i also enjoy posting, and try always (often) using hashtags (à la #priesthood, or #bxvi, etc.) for example, trying to figure out what is going on in Québec these days à la protests, i started following #casseroles. using hashtags helps you know what is going on, and allows you to participate in the dialogue.


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