Friday, February 3, 2012

I Was a Teenage Retreat Master

Or rather, I will be this weekend. Yep, me and 83 (at last count) 13-18 year olds. Posting this not so much to explain my lack of blogging the next few days as to beg prayers for all concerned. The retreat is Truth Quest, for the Pembroke diocese, and we have a great team... except for the doofus priest giving the talks. Come Holy Spirit...


  1. Would love to learn how it went Fr.
    General impressions?

    1. Generally, I had a blast! The kids were nice kids, very respectful, and at least some of them had already received some very good religious formation.
      The theme was apologetics - defending the faith! And they were very interested and engaged, which says a lot about how assaulted many of them feel in their faith.
      They all seemed pretty happy by the end, and lots of talk about 'when is next year's retreat?' which is always a good sign!
      Of course, being a middle aged dude, I was pretty wiped out afterwards, but all in a good cause!


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