Thursday, October 27, 2011

Changes in Blog Design

As regular readers will note, I'm playing around with the blog design a bit. I always appreciate feedback, being completely incompetent in matters artistic.


  1. Hello Fr. Denis,

    I am enjoying your commentaries on Pope Benedict XVI's writings with his prolific accademics. However, I persevere and am richly blessed with his teachings.

    I have one comment on the blog design: the contrast of colour in the reading pane is too dark to read the print of your comments. A lighter colour would likely clearify the printed word. Hope this is useful.

    May God continue His blessings on you and your work.

  2. Thanks - yes, I have been told this a few times, and so I will be fooling around a bit in the next few days to see what looks good and is easier to read.

  3. Hello Fr. Denis,
    The blog is shaping up...congrats!
    The print could be a little sharper against the grey, is an additional comment to the changes. I have been able to clear the fuzzy letters with a larger font size, if this helps.Thus I wonder if a darker black against the grey would bring a similar clarity.


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