Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why I Am Blogging

It all started in 2007, when my superior sent me off to get a licentiate in sacred theology (pontifical equivalent of a master's degree). I was interested in Mary, being from the Madonna House community, and interested in modernity and its challenges, being a sentient human being living in the year 2007!
I had read a book by Pope Benedict on precisely that subject, and to make a looong story short, ended up writing my thesis on his Mariology in light of his engagement with modernity.
This gave me a keen appreciation of his writings, and provided me hundreds of beautiful quotes of his, which continued to live on my laptop. I began to share these on my Facebook page. This blog is a natural evolution of that sharing.
In the years since I began studying the Pope's writings, I have realized that many people have a deeply false picture about him, driven by wildly misleading media coverage. You know what I mean: God's Rotweiller, the Panzerkardinal, former Hitler Youth, etc. This actually prevents many people from reading him, which is really sad. He writes clearly, beautifully, and with penetrating insight into our world.
My hope is that this little blog might help change that reluctance of many to encounter the Pope in his writings. I hope to make bite-sized snippets of his works available, with some commentary by myself, and hopefully a lively comment section (hello? Is there anyone there... there... there...) So, if you happen to stop by, enjoy!


  1. Looking forward to reading your blog, Father!

  2. I am out here reading the Pope's work and listening so share please your words of wisdom


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