Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lest We Forget

Well, we're having a day of recollection today for Catherine Doherty's anniversary of death here at MH. Now, I am not a worrying sort of person, generally, but one thing that preys on my mind is this:
Catherine Doherty is, in my view, one of the great prophets of the Lord of our time. I would rank her, frankly, alongside Maximillian Kolbe, John Paul II, and Pope Benedict.
Problem is, she is slowly being forgotten, I believe. Certainly there is a whole generation of young Catholics who have never heard of her or been exposed to her luminous writings.
Madonna House is a small community, and poor in many ways, financial not the least of them. We are limited in our ability to get Catherine's prophetic words out there to the world.
But hey, the Internet is free, more or less... Here's a thought. My previous blog post, Life With A Russian Bear, had a lovely article by her on proper love of self and the healing of self-hatred. How about if 26 (at least!) of my facebook friends share this post on their wall, in honor of Catherine's 26th anniversary of death?
And if you want, you could invite 26 of your friends to do the same - share it on their wall. That would make 276 people posting something by Catherine on their walls... and who knows where it could go from there?
A modest proposal... to bring a life giving word to the world.

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