Friday, November 11, 2011

Love, the Universe, and Everything!

Hey, all! We just had a planning meeting for our annual MH 2012 Summer Program, a five week immersion into Christian community and Gospel life. As you can see I've added a box on the side of FAQs about the program, but the main info is on the Facebook events page, linked above.
We really want to get the word out this year for this program, so help me out, here, eh? Link, share, pass on the program to your facebook pages, twitter feeds, blogs... whatever!
The young people who come to our summer program, and come to MH throughout the year, really experience life changing graces here. Thousands have come to Christ, or come closer to Christ, or been healed and blessed in multiple ways. So help us find the young people (and even not-quite-so-young) who the Lord is calling to experience our life this summer.

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