Monday, August 8, 2011

All I Want For My Birthday Is...

Well, actually, I'm getting the most fantastic birthday present I could imagine, which is to start the day (this Friday, in case you're interested!) in Fatima of all places.
Besides that, which is beyond anything I would have dreamed of, what I would like for my birthday is what any, every and all writers always want: more readers!
This baby blog is doing OK on the readership, all things considered... but yes, like a typical modern, I have to say that I WANT MORE!
So if you like my blog and want to give me a nice birthday present, here's what you can do. If there's a post of mine that you have especially enjoyed, found thought-provoking, etc., click on it. Then go to the bottom and where the little 'f' is for Facebook symbol is, click that. That will post the link to your facebook page, so that all your little Facebook friends can come truckling over to my blog. And maybe they will share it to their facebook pages, and so on, and so on... and then I will rule the world!!!!!!
Oh sorry, I just let slip with my master plan... never mind that last sentence...
So that's what I want for my birthday! It's free, and will take you less than a minute!

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